photo-asaf1Asaf BACHRACH is leader of the Labodanse project ( Originally trained in theoretical linguistics (Paris-3 and Paris-7 universities), Asaf obtained a PhD at the M.I.T., where he acquired an expertise in cognitive neuroscience and developed an interdiscplinary research program in neurolinguistics. He further completed a post-doctoral degree within Stanislas Dehaene’s laboratory in Neurospin (INSERM/CEA). He is currently Research Fellow, at the UMR “Formal Structures of the Language”. His main research interests are theortical linguistics, neurolinguistics, et mostly dance and cognition.
In parallel to his academic training, since over 15 years Asaf has been regularly practicing and teaching contact improvisation, as well as other types of dance (Butoh, release technique, tuning score). In 2012, Asaf initiated the first “Conscious Body Meeting” ( and organised an international meeting in Paris on contact improvisation and mindfulness (

corinneCorinne JOLA is a trained scientist (PhD, Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Zurich) and Choreographer (MA, Laban London). Dance and science are both important strands in her live. After her Psychology degree at the University of Zurich, she moved to Munich to train at IWANSON Contemporary Dance and thereafter qualified in the first DanceCulture programme at the University of Berne. After her PhD on body representation and motor imagery, she gained an MA in Choreography with distinction from Laban Trinity College London. Since 2006, she has repeatedly collaborated and trained with the dance Company EG|PC in Amsterdam.
Currently a postdoctoral Researcher at Neurospin, funded by INSERM and Paris 8 (LABEX), she studies the underlying structural and neuronal nature of dance and choreography. At her previous position as a postdoctoral research Fellow at University of Surrey (UK), she investigated the cognitive processes and somatosensory experiences of the dancer and the spectator under the premise of a brain-body correspondence. From 2008-2010, she worked on the AHRC funded project “Watching Dance: Kinesthetic Empathy” at the University of Glasgow where she studied audiences’ brain responses to watching dance – in some instances the spectators’ motor brain areas were measured during a live performance.
Her choreographic work has been performed in the UK and Switzerland. She has taught dance based on neuroscientific principles in the UK, Germany, and Austria (Impulse Dance Festival). Her research is widely published in books and journals, and has been discussed in the media (e.g., The New York Times).

20130811-110323.jpgGabriele SMIRIGLIA
Light creator
Born in a small Sicilian town, Gabriele moves to Northern Italy after high school to study History of Arts at the University of Padova. There he meets Donato Sartori, director of the International Centre of Mask at Abano Terme, and takes part in several of his projects.
Toward the last years in Padova he does not focus solely on his academic curriculum: he also enrols at the Ipotesi Cinema school, founded in Bologna by cineasts Ermanno Olmi and Mario Brenta. Gabriele follows an eclectic curriculum, and studies light creation, video making, photography and dance. With regards to light, he trains with Michele Sambien at “TAM”, Teatro Musica in Padova, and with Sylvie Mélis and Emmanuel Ferreira, at the Théâtre du Vieux Colombier in Paris.
Interested in academic research, he has submitted a doctoral thesis on “The dramaturgy of light in contemporary dance, in codirection at the University Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris III (Theatre Studies) and the University of Padova (Performance science and Multimedia Production).
Since 2012 he has been collaborating with Emio Greco | PC dance company as videast and photograph.
In 2013, he works in light creation for MaëlströM Cie compagny’s “Macario” show in Paris. Thanks to this show, he wins a production for GT 14 festival in 2014.
Currently Gabriele works as machinist and light technician at the Théâtre du Vieux Colombier (Comédie Française).

Guillaume DCBGuillaume DECHAMBENOIT is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist (dance, photography, videomaking). He also holds a Master degree in cognitive science (Paris-6 university). He works a lot on blending trials and ideas (in their most universal meaning), whatever the field in which they will take shape. All his research and creation work is synthesized in Aede company and the eponymous character created from it.

DSCF5026_Nathalie LE MERCIER holds a degree in cultural management. She also studied foreign languages and can speak a few of them. She has been practicing contact improvisation for two years and a half. She works part time as an assistant for the Labodanse project and part time as a translator.

Nathalie LE MERCIER & Guillaume DECHAMBENOIT will be in charge of the documentation during and after the event.

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