Day 4 – Thursday

Alexandre gifted us with his S.A.F.E* warm-up one more time.

Then Robyn suggested a new task based on the exquisite corpse:
We wrote
1. an answer to the question “where does the light go when you switch it off?” (the title of our performance)
The answer can be anything: just react to the title
2. a sound or a song corresponding to your answer
3. how would you do project (in what context? wearing what? how would you present yourself?)

After everyone presented their mini-performance, we gathered in a circle to start building the performance. Robyn insisted she is there as a facilitator. Giving some directions, but not actually directing the performance set-up.

The day turned out to be full of existential questions. Some of the questions raised were discussed informally, during breaks, over lunch. A great part of the discussions in the afternoon circle also dealt with that.

Here are some of the questions or discussions that took place during that day:



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