The first Conscious Body Meeting, which took place in October 2012, had focused on conscious perception and self-awareness. Among the invited dancers were Steve Paxton, Lisa Nelson and Eva Karczag. Without working specifically on dance, the invited scientists (among them, Patrick Haggard, Bigna Lenggenhager and Aaron Schurger) were exploring in their research the same questions as the ones asked by those artists in their works. The event combined scientific lectures and tutorials with hands-on performance practice for both scientists and artists.

While focusing on a new theme (performance and spectating), the Conscious Body (II) follows a similar pattern. It will take place in Paris, from the 30th of September to the 6th of October 2013. It will bring together cognitive neuroscientists and performance artists to exchange, study and explore together the performance experience (from the perspective of the performer as well as the audience) and the cognitive processes underlying that experience. Some of the themes to be addressed are kinesthetic empathy, action understanding and simulation, non verbal communication, (joint) attention and theory of mind.

The longer framework – a week-long residency – will allow for deeper process to take place. The program will include a week long morning workshop led by a scientist and a performer, who explore in their work similar themes. The event will culminate in a public performance (a performance about performance). The conception and preparation of this performance will serve as the skeleton of the week long workshop. The event will also include talks, video watching, scientific and movement ‘tutorials’, while leaving ample time for informal conversations.

The workshop will be led by Robyn Orlin, the South African choreographer, and Natalie Sebanz, a cognitive neuroscientist specialized in social cognition and joint action.
The event will take place in the Briqueterie, the new choreographic development center in the south of Paris.
It is part of a larger collaborative project on dance and cognition, Labodanse, coordinated by Dr. Asaf Bachrach, and funded by the Labex H2H.


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